About us

Since 1985, Colis Transport has become a worldwide expert in the transportation of personal items, cars and much more! With it’s head office located in Geneva, Switzerland (under the name Car Trafic S.A.), Colis Transport has expended all over Europe to offer their fantastic shipping and storage services to millions more.

22 years after the original office opened in Geneva, Car Shipping BVBA located in Antwerp, Belgium was founded in 2007, which is involved in the transport of all kinds of goods around the world.

To allow for efficient shipping and high security, in the spring of 2010, an office in Kinshasa C.T.Kin had been opened to ensure top-notch service to handle our customers’ precious goods.

In 2012, the Manchester branch of Colis Transport was opened, followed by 2 further branches opening in Paris & London in 2014, all of which specialise in the transport of personal goods

around the world, but in particular to two main destinations in Africa, Luanda in Angola and Kinshasa in the Democratic Republic of Congo. With plans in place for future offices in Europe and North America, Colis Transport is a company on the grow!